Dragon Boating Info

BOO Team - 2023

Information regarding the actual activity of Dragon Boating such as terminology, safety, equipment, etc.

Info on seat positions, responsibilities, etc.

  • 20 paddlers
  • drummer
  • steers person


  • To be added in the future
  • Dragon Boats are PADDLED by PADDLERS; they are not rowed!
  • PADDLES UP – paddles above the water ready to take a stroke. Commonly used for starting the movement of the boat in non-race situations.
  • TAKE IT AWAY – command to start paddling.
  • PADDLES DOWN – command to stop paddling.
  • LET IT RUN – paddling stops and boat coasts to a stop on its own.
  • HOLD THE BOAT – hold the boat, once the boat has stopped, by holding your paddle in the water, perpendicular to the side of the boat.
  • CHECK – bring the boat to a stop by pulling back on the paddle (reverse paddle)
  • DRAW – lean out and pull water with your paddle perpendicular to the boat
  • PRY – the opposite of DRAW. If they DRAW on one side, they PRY on the other. Pull the water on one side and push the water away on the other.
  • FEATHER – make figure 8’s with the paddle flat on the water. This will keep the boat stable if there needs to be movement on the boat.
  • READY, READY – race command in a start situation for paddles to be placed in position for the first stroke.
  • SERIES – a combination of strokes during a race, often a set of 10 or 20 strokes that are quicker and more forceful.
  • ATTENTION PLEASE – the announcer is about to start the race.
  • BACK IT DOWN – reverse paddle to back the boat away from the start line.


Typically, each persons paddle length is based upon their height. The club Information Booklet contains a chart showing paddle length based upon persons height.

Vests (flotation device)

Info to be added

Seat cushion

Optional – info to be added

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