One of the fundamental goals of the club is to make the cost of participation for our members to be as affordable as possible so as to not make it cost prohibitive for everyone to join and participate FULLY.

To make that possible and keep membership costs down, fundraising is a key part of life in the club.  All members are encouraged to join in on all of the fundraising activities so we can share the load and share the joy of this key club activity.

Below are some of the details about the various ways that we fundraise and how members can join in.

Dragon Wing Begonias

This is our largest and most successful annual project. Our members sell the begonias to family, friends, and neighbours. We start selling around the beginning of March and delivery is around the second weekend in May.

We source the begonias from a fantastic grower that delivers them to a couple of distribution locations within the Ottawa area where they can be picked up by those that purchase them or we can arrange local delivery as well.

Click on the picture to link to the Dragon Wing Begonia page for more details on the project, how you can participate, how to order, and testimonials from past participants / purchasers.

Farmers Markets

We attended some fall farmers markets to help promote our club and to do some fundraising selling Fall Chrysanthemums. This was our first year doing this and we feel it was a successful project. For the 2024 season we hope to attend some more Farmers Markets so as date / time / place are sorted out we will update this page and add info in the coming events page as well.

50 / 50 Draws

In the winter 2023/24 we held our first 50/50 event and we had a good response. As we ramp up for the 2024 season we plan to hold another 50/50 event so stay tuned for more details soon.

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