Our Team

We are Ottawa’s only breast cancer survivor dragon boat team. Currently we have over 40 members of various ages and backgrounds supporting each other. We welcome new members, whether they have just finished active treatment or have long recovered from breast cancer. Though breast cancer mostly affects women, men who have had breast cancer are also welcome to join our team.

Announcement – Dragon Wing Begonias

Our annual fundraising event of the sale of Dragon Wing Begonias has started.  For details on the event and how to order your begonias go the Dragon Wing Begonia Fundraising page by following this link.

Announcement – Spring 50/50 event

We are having a Spring 50/50 event to help raise funds for our club.  The event will commence May 1st 2024 at 9:00 AM and runs until the draw which will be June 23rd 2024 at 5:00 PM.

For details on how to participate go to the Fundraising – 50/50 page by following this link.

Information / comments

For all general enquiries regarding Membership, Sponsorship, Race Coordination, Fundraising, and communications, send an email to info@bustingoutottawa.ca

For questions or “constructive” comments on the website, send an email to website@bustingout.ca.

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